Good Choice Books, books filled iwth fun, fantasy, mystery and adventure, wtihout losing good values


This site is not intended to be a pompous guide.

It’s a convenient “BOOKSHELF,”listing in one place a host of authors who write in several genres while holding to the high principles of Christian faith. These consist of:

Fantasy Fiction - filled with mystery and bold adventures while lifting up the highest values. Great for kids and adults. 

Mysteries: Everyone loves a mystery! And we have some good ones. Real "pager-turners".

Life Books: (non-fiction) Books that help us live whole and victorious lives covering many topics.

Browse the site. It doesn't take long to know what each author offers, and how to order their books. Have fun!


Words are a powerful force

And God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.” Gen 1:3.

Good Choice Books will only recommend books with powerful words. Words of life and light that will shape and change lives for the better.

We want your ideas!

Get involved and send in your recommendations. Tell us why you think your choices should appear on Good Choice Books.

 All suggestions will be considered.