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Book Author: Marty McNunn
Title: A Group I Never Wanted To Join
Subtitle:  For grieving people to see at a glance  what grief does and for family and friend who want to help.
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A Practical Resource for Grief Group Leaders

Marty McNunn understands that coping with the death of a loved one is among life’s most difficult challenges. And denying or glossing over the confusion and loneliness of grief only prolongs and even intensifies the pain. McNunn’s new book, A Group I Never Wanted to Join is for individuals who are struggling with the death of someone near to them; it is intended to help them come to terms with their loss and how it affects them. The book is also a practical resource for grief group leaders looking for material to support their efforts to help grieving people.

A Group I Never Wanted to Join defines the common feelings, symptoms, and stages of grief, and also dispels many of the myths about this lifelong process. There are personal stories of different kinds of loss, including the death of a spouse, child, parent, and suicide. Marty McNunn has most recently served as a Lay Pastor of Congregational Care for Hastings United Methodist Church in Hastings, Minnesota. She is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and has spent time as a missionary with Youth With a Mission. Originally from California, McNunn lives in Hastings, Minnesota.

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Book Review

A Group I Never Wanted To Join
by Marty McNunn

This book is written for people grieving the loss of a loved one to death, to help them see at a glance how grief feels & to identify common feelings, common physical ailments, common thoughts and other symptoms caused by the death of a loved one. It defines feelings, thoughts, and physical affects in very simplistic easy to understand ways.

There are true stories of loss of spouse, child, parent, death by suicide and others, sharing their experience of grief and recovery offering encouragement to others suffering a great loss.

Grief is universal, all of us will be in this group of grieving people at some time in our lives, whether it’s from death, divorce, loss of job, loss of health and other painful life situations. None of us escape grief. The grief experience is much the same in all losses.

Since no one really understand grieve until he or she has experienced the loss of a significant person or another type of loss “A Group I Never Wanted To Join” is a great book to share with a family and friends to help them understand what a grieving person is experiencing.

A Group I Never Wanted to Join offers additional educational information about the grief process such a depression, loneliness and spiritual issues as well as information about grief support groups.