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   I've got an announcement for you!

            Hi, everyone...I'm one excited old on below

Photo taken by my hubby, Dick McKinsey

I serve a God who enables old women to become pregnant! I am soon to become a Great-Great Grandmother...yeah, I said two "Greats".

He did it for Sara and there was Isaac, the child of laughter.

He did it for Elizabeth, and there was John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus, the Christ.

Now...he has done it for me! JOFI: Star Seeker, book one of the Star Seeker Series has been born!

The Lord dropped this story in my heart years ago, but I could not work on it until retirement. Someone asked me how long it took for me to write it? only took seventeen years and a couple of hours...that's all.

That's because I had to learn "how to write"...and...I'm still learning. But...the next two books won't take so long. The second one is in the rewrite stage now.

After JOFI was finished I was led to the most wonderful Editor, Heidi Ratner-Connolly., Heidi is a Harvard graduate and so dedicated to her clients. It was like taking a college class to work with her. She really helped me bring the book to a much higher level, and in the process taught me so much. I'll be forever grateful to her.

Also I wish to thank Authors/teachers Bill Meyers and Bryan Davis whose classes I attended while at the Mount Hermon Writer's Conference in California. Wow! They inspired me to work hard, do my best, and believe in myself. Thanks guys! Check out their pages on this website. They do great work!

If you enjoy a fast moving story of fantasy and adventure, then you'll love JOFI: Star Seeker. JOFI is for folks from 8 to 108 years of age.

JOFI: Star Seeker can be purchased from me for $20 which includes shipping and handling. Contact me at: Or order from for around $26 which includes shipping and handling. If you wish to purchase JOFI: Star Seeker as "give-away" in Children's Ministry, contact me and I'll arrange for you to have them at cost.

When three teenagers--a short, chunky, redheaded Texan, his nemesis, a tall, skinny, bully of Native American descent, and the bully's lovely blond-haired twin--all fall off San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, it's only the beginning. The trio will travel back to the time before the Great Flood, where they will be forced to conquer the demonic forces of King Airsod, his demon hordes, and his maniacal sidekick, Prince Reek. They will have to face all their worst fears. Lost and without any sense of where they really are they call on The Great Lord. He sends help in a form that shocks them. Ultimately they find their way home-as friends-having restored the world-and their perception of it-to one where choice and love for the Great Lord prevail.

Authors challenge: Try to dream really big. The three youth in this book discover that whatever they can dream, and whatever they can imagine, The Great Lord can do far greater. His ways are unconventional...surprising and many times unlikely.

As they plunge into an ever-deepening adventure, facing death and sometimes even madness as they find themselves in crazy, unthinkable, life-threatening situations, they discover what astounding things The Great Lord can do, using ways that make no sense to the everyday business-as-usual mindset.

So join Jofi and his friends and dare to dream big! You’ll never forget this unusual adventure. You’ll be glad you came along.

Author, Ellen Tisdel McKinsey, was born in Greeley, CO, but lived her life after age four in California when her parents migrated during the Depression. She comes from a long line of teachers and for forty years has served churches at the side of her beloved pastor husband. Her belief that fantasy can be used to “speak to the human heart on a very deep level” is the reason behind her writing, and she invites children of all ages to share the adventure with her.

Ellen and her husband, Dick, live between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the giant Redwood trees in Crescent City, CA just 20 miles south of the Oregon border.

This is an ideal book for anyone (Adults too) who enjoys a fantasy/fiction/adventure with lots of surprises.

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